SK Drivers: How to Get Your Tires Ready for Spring

While some tires are labelled as winter or summer, there are no sets that are exclusively known as spring tires. However, all-season units will serve you well as we move from cold nights to warmer days. Here are a few tips to better prepare for the changing weather. First, you need to remove the winter tires from your vehicle if you had them on. Store them for next year. Next, before you put the all-season tires back on for spring, be sure to check for signs of wear and tear. This is especially true if you have used this set before. You also need to check on the pressure. Leaving them in storage for months can lead to a decrease in air pressure. They may need to be inflated a bit. If you have been off-roading or hit a pothole recently, you should get an alignment. This process is easy, and it ensures that your vehicle is moving correctly to avoid premature wear on the tires. Finally, it might be a good idea to rotate the tires while you are in the process of switching them. Put the ones from the back on the front and vice versa. Contact the team at Standard Dodge to schedule a tire service today!

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