Rebuild Your Credit at Standard Dodge in Swift Current

Whether you have a low credit rating or haven’t had the opportunity to build credit at all, the concept of establishing a high credit score can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, here at Standard Dodge in Swift Current we are able to help our customers with a credit rebuilding program through vehicle financing. By financing a vehicle from us and paying your bills on time, you can safely and effectively build or rebuild your credit.

Can I Finance a Vehicle in Canada with Poor Credit or No Credit?

Taking out a car loan is an ideal route to take to begin increasing your credit score. There is generally less risk associated with car loans for lenders than other loans, so you are more likely to be approved. Folks with varying financial histories have all been capable of boosting their credit through financed vehicles, and so can you.

As long as you budget your money wisely and pay your auto bills on time, you won’t have to worry about your score lowering. Before jumping into any high-end vehicle purchases however, do plenty of research and make sure that the car you’d like to finance will fit comfortably into your budget. If you find yourself doubting your ability to make even the lowest required payment for your car, it might be wise to consider a different vehicle.

Will You Work With Me?

Our team of financial professionals is ready to help you rebuild your credit. Our Business Managers know the nuances of every financial offering we have for our vehicles and he will help you find the right package for your specific case. Applying to various lenders and going over financial options at our dealership is a quick, simple process that has helped many of our customers successfully build their credit.

How Do I Apply?

To begin rebuilding your credit, take a moment to fill out an online financial application—we’ll contact you with our approval as soon as possible. Once that’s been completed and you’d like to start shopping for a new or pre-owned vehicle from us, give us a call at (306) 773-9301 or visit Standard Dodge at 208 Cheadle Street in Swift Current at your convenience. We look forward to helping you drive away with a new car and a higher credit score!