Moose Jaw: The Ultimate Guide to Spring Tire Care

It is no secret that winters in Saskatchewan can be rough. Not only do residents have to deal with extremely frigid temperatures, but vehicles tend to take a hit during this time of year as well. This includes the tires. In this article, you will learn how to care for your tires in preparation for spring and summer. If you installed a set of winter tires a few months ago, it is now time to swap them out for some all-season models. The tread on winter tires will wear down quickly under normal conditions. You should take them off as soon as the weather warms up to preserve them for next year. For people who keep all-season tires throughout the year, it is time to check them over. First, be sure to test the air pressure level. It should be within the safe range listed on the unit or in your owner’s manual. You also need to look for worn-down tread, cuts, blisters, and cracks. These can occur after drastic temperature changes or simply from hitting a pothole. It also won’t hurt to have your tires rotated to ensure even wear. Need help with tire services? Contact our team at Standard Dodge to schedule an appointment!

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